Japan Trip 2015

Tokyo Day 2 (1/12/2015)

Today was a lazy day catching up on sleep. I got back to hotel around 3am. Went to Tokyo Tower to ring in the New Year. Lots of locals and few tourists here. Had Christmas trees which where lit up plus food carts. Around 11pm I decided to go up to the observatory. I had found out later that no fireworks would be going over the tower, so thought going up would let me see the fireworks else where. Could see a bunch of people in a circle holding what looked like white balloons down at the bottom of tower. 

At Midnight everyone in tower cheered. I had my camera pointed out to the bridge but nothing happened. No fireworks anywhere. I checked up later and apparently they decided to not do fireworks this year and instead have everyone release white balloons. These were the people I saw before but didn't take much notice of. Of course the year I come over to experience it they don't do any fireworks. I can at least say that I have celebrated the New Year from a top of the Tokyo Tower. The Bridge was lit up and a building near it so got to see that. 

Tomorrow I head off to Takayama.