Japan Trip 2015

Osaka Day 2 (10/01/2015)

Today I ventured out to Osaka Castle for the morning. This was interesting to see. It was surrounded by massive moats. The museum was fascinating to see also. When I was walking in I passed the local pigeon man and he put feed in my hand so I had pigeons land on my arms and feed. He was walking around putting feed on people's shoulders etc so pigeons would land on them. Everyone seemed to be quite entertained by this.

In the afternoon I browsed shops. Didn't buy anything but quite amazing to see all the things you can't get back home - from kitchenware to general household items.

Well, tomorrow I head back to Tokyo to join up with my mate and we will be doing lots more exciting things around there. This leg of my trip has been rewarding, adventurous and lots of fun. It has showed me more of the world and what is out there on offer.

Looking forward to part two of this trip.