Japan Trip 2015

Osaka/Tokyo (11/01/2015)

Today I had a late sleep in. Around lunch time I caught the Bullet train back to Tokyo so I could meet up with my mate (Matt). We are now having 11 days of adventure around Tokyo. Seeing all the sites on offer.

It is so good to stay in the one place now for the rest of my trip. It means I can finally unpack my suitcase and leave everything out so it feels like I'm staying somewhere. I stay out at the airport for the last night on the 22nd so I can just make sure I have everything packed and then spend that night packing properly.

For dinner we went to the Maid Cafe. This is basically a cosplay restaurant where waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants, and treat customers as masters in a private home, rather than a restaurant. Interesting to experience it. It is the kind of place a family could go, couples and friends like me and Matt did.   

My posts will come a few days behind now or it will be one big past covering a few days as I don't have internet in my room and we are on the go always now. I'll still try to keep everyone updates to what I'm getting up to. Photos will be limited now also. Might have to wait until I'm back and done processing to see anymore.