Japan Trip 2015

Tokyo Day 2 (13/01/2015)

Today we had to have an early start as we were going out to see Mt Fuji and go to the Theme Park that is called Fuji Q. Got a few great shots of Mt Fuji. Nice clear day to see it. Didn't go to base but still had great view from where the Park was.

We spent the day at the Theme Park going on Roller coasters and other amusement rides.

We had dinner at Sizzlers. Matt told me this is a Queensland restaurant so he was surprised to see one. Main dish you choose then included in price is all you can eat salad, drinks and desserts. Well worth the price.

Then had a couple of tries at the baseball cage at night which was in the Red Light District. Interesting to walk around it at night. 

Tomorrow we have the Tea Ceremony experience and we shall visit some Shrines and Temples. 

DisneySea is on Thursday. This is like DisneyLand but a Tokyo Version only. Shall try to keep posting as I go.