Japan Trip 2015

Tokyo Day 3 (14/01/2015)

Today we started out by experiencing the Tea Ceremony. The tradition was explained along with a showing of how the tea is made and we got to have a go at preparing the tea ourselves. This is well worth the experience. Something you have to do yourself to appreciate it.

We went to a Polar Bear Cafe for lunch. There is an anime show which this cafe is based around. Main drinks and food are made to look like characters from it (ie coffee has the froth looking like a Panda. The room is decorated with posters.

We visited the Kanda Myojin Shrine - This shrine promotes itself as a protector of electronic gadgets, particularly computers. Ceremonies are performed to protect and secure laptop computers, and the shrine's shop provides amulets and charms for the same purpose. Lots of visitors bring their gadgets here for this purpose. 

Visited a Pokemon center. Lots of cool Pokemon accessories here.

We went to a little kids' theme park like store based on a kid's show. We went here to try some weird flavoured ice cream. I took photos of the names but will have to upload them later. I can say they were some weird flavours though.