Japan Trip 2015

Tokyo Day 7 (18/01/2015)

We started out by going to Yoyogi Park. This is one of the largest parks in Tokyo. We chose Sunday as everyone is suppose to come dressed up in their fashions but we didn't see any unfortunately. Still very beautiful.

I had to check out Shibuya crossing. This is rumored to be the world’s busiest intersection. It is the spot that is always used when Tokyo is featured in a movie. Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift is a prime example of this. After dark on a Friday and Saturday night is the best time to see everyone pouring out of the station dressed in their finest and neon-lit by the signs above.

We looked inside a Parasite Museum. That's right! A Parasite Museum. How many people can say they have visited one of those.

Tomorrow we have a Sumo match and the Zoo (for Pandas). 

Tuesday will be Disney Land (No rain)

Wednesday will be packing and just looking around Akhibarara for the last time.