Japan Trip 2015

Takayama (2/1/2015)

Today I had an early start. I travelled from Tokyo to Takayama. As soon as I was out of Tokyo I could see snow. It was quite fascinating. Back home in Australia you can't say it snowed today.

I arrived in the afternoon and checked into my hotel. As soon as I stepped off the train I was walking over snow. Had to watch my step. I walked down to the Takayama Yatai Kaikan (Festival Floats Exhibition Hall). They have a festival each Autumn and when it's not on you can go here to see the kinds of floats used. I was blessed at the Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine. 

As I was walking around I had light snow falling on me. It is a week too late but I can say I've had my white Christmas now. I've got the Christmas tree with snow on it. (No, it is not fake)

Tomorrow afternoon I head on to Kanazawa