Japan Trip 2015

Tokyo Day 8 (18/01/2015)

*We didn't get to see Ueno Zoo on Monday. We got all the way out there in the morning but found out it is closed on Mondays. Of course it had to be. We are going back tomorrow (Wednesday) to see it when it is open. I imagine it will be a lot more impressive from the inside. Although the outside did have pandas made from trees. 

Today we went back and visited DisneyLand. It was a lot better walking around without the rain. We didn't go on any rides. We would have had to wait 80mins for most of them. This was not going to happen. There was a lot more shops and decorations to see here compared to DisneySea. Plenty to fill in a day without going on rides.

Tomorrow is my last day. After zoo we shall have one last look around Akihabara, play arcades to use up all the coins left over and pack. We found a hot dog restaurant which we shall go to for dinner. It has beers from all over - so going to have a VB and pizza/hot dog to end my trip and going back home to Australia. Matt continues on for another week - He is going to Osaka this time.