Japan Trip 2015

Hiroshima Day 2 (7/1/2015) My Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! I celebrated my 27th by going over to Miyajima Island for the day. This is one of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan, and also the most famous, being the only one as an island that is a world cultural heritage site.

The Torii Gate is one of the most photographed spots in Japan.

The island is great to walk around. Many more Shrines and Temples can be found dotted around the island. If your up for a long walk you can trek up Mt. Misen (or else catch the Ropeway up).

The Five-storied Pagoda.

The island is home to many wild deer. They can be seen laying underneath trees and even just walking around amongst the people. You can be walking along a path and the next thing you know a deer is walking towards you from the other direction and passes you without a second thought. 

Tomorrow it is onwards to Osaka for 3 nights.