Japan Trip 2015

Tokyo Day 1 (31/12/2014)

I started today out with a Morning Tour of Tokyo. This took me to visit the Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace Plaza and Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street. Imperial Palace was fascinating to see, Got a couple of photos but not enough time to really see the view of it.

Sensoji Temple was packed with people going for New Years. Tonight/tomorrow will be the same when everyone goes for the first blessing of the year.

The view from The Tokyo Tower was breath taking. Shall be heading back there now (night time) to see the New Year in. (Just have to work out how to get back there :P).

I had to get the train back to my hotel and I brought the ticket for the local train but then I got on the next train to come and it turned out to be a limited express so I got a fine as I only had ticket for local. They have Rapid, Limited express and local trains. These all go from the same platform for each line so you have to make sure to get on right one. Shall have to ask to make sure I get local next time. Was only a small 500jpy ($5) but don't want to pay each time.



Hong Kong - Tokyo Transfer (30/12/2014)

Today I left Hong Kong and went to Tokyo. It was an early start but by the time I arrived in Tokyo and got out to my hotel I just got something to eat. Tomorrow I'll be doing a tour of Tokyo.

Happy New Year to everyone for tomorrow.

Hong Kong Day 2 (29/12/2014)

Today started out well. Decided to go and do The Peak Tram.

No one mentioned the long queue I'd have to wait in. It was a long 1 hour+ line to get tickets and go up on the Tram. Could have got a bus or a taxi to take me up but once I had waited a little I decided to stick it out. In the end the Tram ride was disappointing. Unless you get a seat you can't see any of the view as you have to stand packed in and holding on so you don't fall.

The 360 view at the Peak is well worth it. Makes up for the ride up. After taking in the view I had a delicious pork sausage roll and coffee. 

Had a walk around the streets near the hotel in the afternoon. Came across a number of food markets. No, I didn't buy any hanging ducks. 

Night time saw me heading out on a cruise. Saw the Symphony of Light show from the boat. This allowed me to see both sides of the harbor. Would highly recommend this option. Translation was also in English.       

Hong Kong Day 1 (28/12/2014)

Well, today was definitely fun and interesting. Decided to go visit Stanley Market. This was not an easy feat. Got to Central station after working out what line I needed. Then I was told to get bus to Stanley. Took ages to work out where the bus stop for Stanley was but once I did it was easy to get out. 

Stanley Market was very busy and packed in. Narrow walkway with shops either side. Lots of people in and out. 

Meet the locals. Two cats who were quite happy to accept pats. Not very helpful as Tour Guides though.

Walked down to Avenue of Stars for Symphony of Lights at 8pm. Was very beautiful. Translation was in Korean today. Shall do Boat Tour tomorrow and hear it in English and see both sides.       



27th Dec till Jan 23rd.


Hong Kong