Singapore 2015


Today we walked for a bit to just see what was around. Then in the afternoon we went around the River Safari. This was great seeing different animals (mum saw her Pandas and I saw my monkeys).

We had planned to do the Night Safari as well but there was a large down pour so we hope to get back out tomorrow night or else we have to hope Thursday night is good as we come back Friday)

This blog won't have photos until after I'm back this time as it is a shorter trip and limited wifi to upload and time to edit.  


Not much happened today. We only traveled back from Siem Reap to Singapore, where we are spending 5 more days. 

As we were leaving the hotel in Siem Reap we did have a monsoon come over really fast. We had just had a swim before checking out and next thing it was pouring down with rain. Then at the airport it was clear as.



Today was an early start for everyone. We left the hotel with our Tour guide around 4:30am and ventured out to Ankor Wat. We were given a great spot in front of the water by our guide and waited for the sun to rise. This was a spectacular sight to experience. (Should have some great shots once I get home and look)

Then we spent the day getting shown a few of the other temples by our guide. He was really great and well worth having, especially when you only have a day and there are so many temples you can't see them all.

Went to the night market and had a look around after getting back to hotel. Then we fell into bed after such a long day.

Mum finally made it to Angkor Wat

Mum finally made it to Angkor Wat


We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia today. After getting to the hotel we arranged a Tuk Tuk to get our Temple pass for the next day and also went out to see the sunset. This was fascinating but was cloudy so didn't get the photos I was hoping for but still got some great ones. Hopefully tomorrow it might be different, as is with all photography, you need to be there at the right time and place.

We have an early start to see the sunrise and then the day is spent with our guide. 



Today we had a late start - was told to head out to the Gardens by the Bay around 5pm as this would allow you to see them during the day light but also be there to see in the dark and all of it lit up. It was well worth it.

There are two domes you can walk around inside while outside around the gardens you can see a lot more smaller gardens. A light show happens at night with sound which was interesting.

Tomorrow we head off to Cambodia as mum has always wanted to see Angkor Wat. We will have 1 full day looking around the temple. She has said I have to be her official photographer. 



Today was the City Morning Tour to get the lay of the ground and see a few things from the list. We visited Little India, Merlion Park, China Town and The Royal Botanical Gardens.

Went back to Chinatown at night. Was very nice with everything all lit up. 

Tomorrow will be the Gardens by the Bay.  


Today we fly over to Singapore and arrived late afternoon. Once we checked in we mostly just found a Food Court to get some dinner then bed.